Shipping Agency
Ernesto Laviosa Shipping Agency • port agents, customs brokers, freight forwarders, ship brokers.

The long-standing tradition of our company as a shipping and forwarding agent started in 1905, when the organization, an already established importer and distributor of coal all over national territory, decided to extend the range of its activities.

Today we have a solid and established position thanks to
  • A level of experience in assisting vessels of any kind and a full commitment to optimise our services within the harbour.
  • Our high level of know-how in the loading and unloading of solid and liquid bulk cargo.
  • The valuable commercial support service supplied to general and container ships.
Our objectives are:
  • To further expand and consolidate our position as specialized operators within those fields of activities, which are the core of our success.
  • To expand our logistic vision to enable us to supply additional service solutions.
  • To seize the new opportunities arising from the constant evolution in information technology and technological development.
  • To expand our geographical coverage.
  • To invest in human resources, in a climate of mutual consideration by developing a constant delegation policy.
  • To create and maintain stable, mutual and beneficial relationships with our customers, based on commercial cooperation and quality.
  • To establish clear and long relationship with our suppliers considering them as our partners.
  • To update costantly our know-how about the developments of our sector in order to met the expectations and needs of those who are using our services.
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