The history of our Shipping Agency began its activities in the early years of the 20th century, when the Laviosa family imported coal from Britain and the brothers Ernesto and Attilio operated in the ports of Genoa, La Spezia and Leghorn.

Our Ethical Code

Ernesto Laviosa, the first president of the La Spezia Industrialists Union, began his business as a shipping agency, charterering and importer of English minerals and coal.

The company has presently reached an excellent level of specialization in providing services to all kinds of ships, with dedication to the optimization of in-port services.

Through the years, specific know-how has been developed and consolidated in various activities:

  • To grow and consolidate our role as operators specialized in the business segments in which we have based our success over the years. Expand our logistics vision to provide additional service solutions.
  • To seize the new opportunities that arise from the IT and technological evolution.
  • To expand our market geographically.
  • To invest in human resources in a climate of mutual respect by developing a constant process of delegation.
  • To maintain and create stable, concrete and profitable relationships with our customers, based on commercial collaboration and quality.
  • To establish transparent and lasting links with our suppliers by considering them our partners.
  • To constantly update our know-how on the developments of the market in which we operate in order to know the needs and expectations of the end users of our services.

Our Shipping Agency and Shipping Company E. Laviosa srl ​​was born in La Spezia in 1905 and over the years has its own business operating in various Italian ports with its own structures on commission of primary shipping companies and shipping agencies .

Business Group with the three brothers Ernesto, Carlo, Attilio and Senator Federico Ricci, President of the Company


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